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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by ERIKA_fAZ View Post
As one of the people whose pictures was stolen- there was NO mention of my boutique or that this was NOT her picture in the caption. I don't consider the generic email that someone else wrote for her an apology. She wants me to remove the mention of the stolen pictures off of my site so that there can be no record of her wrong doing. I got this email from her "I'd like to ask you to please take down the post you have about my page. I removed your photo like you asked and apologized. Will you please do the same by removing the post" Please do the same-same what? I didn't steal pictures or description or anything else. I simply stated a fact. The same way she controls what she says on her facebook page I control what is said on mine. Atleast I know I am not hiding any of my wrong doings.
screw her! she deserves more!! I hate fakes!!!
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