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Default Re: Has anyone purchased these tuts?

Originally Posted by HomemadebySusan View Post
Love the pink flower. As far as getting the pointed ends, I cut 12 3x3 squares and folded them in half to form a triangle then I brought up the corners and crossed them slightly over the 1st point (I hope that makes since if not I can take pictures of what I did) I then sew'd through the bottom point , making sure to go through all the layers. AS I added new pieces I would sometime add a stitch all the way through so that they would stay and point where I wanted them to. Again I am more visual so if you need photos of the making of the flower let me know I can absolutely set up a tut for anyone that wants it. I also experimented with laying the center down a bit and adding a rhinestone and it came out really nice too.
I know this is an old post but could I get a pict tut of these that you made? TIA
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