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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by Wendysbows View Post
On one hand, it's rather disheartening to see some one steal so blatantly from others. I have been doing craft shows and such for about a year now but I am new to the "cyber" part of this business. I am currently spending hours and hours taking pics, editing, working on wording, size charts, etc. I don't see an end in sight yet but eventually I will be getting an etsy store up and running and maybe a website later. I want to do it right and ethically and with integrity. And to see some one do what she's just so wrong. Who's going to do that to me after all the work I have done? It almost makes me want to just not do it.

On the other hand, to see you ladies rally around and circle the wagons so-to-speak...well that is just amazing! Reading through every post just brought tears to my eyes. To see you all go to bat for each other...that's a community I want to belong to. Thank you for caring for each other and giving hope to this newbie.
Nothing gets past some of the girls on here. They have strong memories and can remember whose photos belong to who.
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