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Default Re: Tell me what you think about my photography skills...

Originally Posted by minnie31546 View Post
She is too cute! Love the pic!
Thank you! Is that your daughter on your avatar? if so, she is also a cutie! love her eyes!

Originally Posted by punkydoodles View Post
I agree about the image looking soft. The f/stop isn't near as important as your shutter speed. I try to never shoot below 125 if I don't have to (especially on a toddler) Grain is MUCH better than a soft image.

this doesn't look like you have camera shake/movement as much as it does that you missed the focus. Try focusing right on the corner of her eye. Your camera needs contrast to grab focus, and that's a great place.

Another tip, when the subject is angled towards you, focus on the closest eye.

I also agree about the background - I despise white, wrinkled sheets. If you want to shoot on white, I'd suggest investing in white tile board for your subject to sit on - anchors them to the floor instead of looking like a floating baby.

And you don't have to have backgrounds. Shoot wide open outdoors - create some bokeh, and have beautiful natural light images.
Thank you sooo much for the tips! Yea the white background could be straightened out. I do love natural light images as well as outdoors, it just has been sooo cold and windy here. What do you mean by the white tile board?

Originally Posted by juliaschmoolia View Post
i think it looks fine. I couldnt do that good.
Thank you! I'm working on getting better. My pics weren't all that great when I first started and I thought I was good! lol

Originally Posted by amiedp View Post
Your daughter is a doll! I love all her gorgeous hair. I'm still waiting for my little girl's to fill in...they look about the same age.

Nice color and cute pose, I would avoid chopping the toes and the bum, and maybe give her a bit more "space" on the right. Others already mentioned the wrinkled background and does look like focus is a bit off (like it maybe hit her sleeve), and could use some sharpening overall. I often use a wide aperture, and focus on the corner of the eye. If you are really close (like I am when shooting in my house), your depth of field will be very narrow, which can make keeping the right things in focus challenging.
I do love her color in this photo. She got lucky with all her hair but when she was 2-3 months a lot of her hair in the back fell out. It's just now trying to grow back in. I didn't know about the more space to the right, these are the things I definitely needed to hear.

Originally Posted by daisiesanddamsels View Post
I like the picture, but I have a lot to learn. I'm a natural outdoors lighting kind of person. I haven't even began to mess around with speed and everything else. I need to take some classes. Right now I mainly use the preset settings that come on the Canon Rebel xt.

It just takes some getting used to on putting all those settings together to make the exposure right. I took a class at my local college but I learned waaaaay more through reading here on the internet. Try messing with the camera on aperture priority mode and get used to the f-stops then you could switch to TV mode and mess with the shutter speed and then work your way to manual.

Originally Posted by mandmscreations View Post
LOVE IT! Nice job!

I have to say I like the wrinkles in the background. Gives it a more authentic look and not so "staged". Just my opinion!
Thank you! The wrinkle muslin background were so popular back in the days! I guess not so much with a lot of people now. I love learning people's perspective on things so different in taste we HG girls (except bows).

Originally Posted by kadynsmomma View Post
Did you crop this intentionally for web? If so, I would crop a bit wider so you get her toes and back in it. Also, make sure your eyes are tack sharp... they appear fuzzy but it might just be the low res file on the net. Super cute, though. Great lighting!
No I didn't crop it for web! lol I didn't have any more space to back up and she gave me that smile I had to snap a pic and it was the best out of all. I did notice the toes though right after I had taken the pic. The pic is much sharper than it shows here, I still don't know how to keep it's resolution for web, if anyone knows how they do it through photoshop pleeeeeaaassseee let me know. The lighting is perfect in the morning time plus my walls are all white so all of the lights are just bouncing around. Thank you!
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