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Default Re: help with cheer bow

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
well, i guess i'm off the hook! i quoted her $11 and was willing to go down to $10 but she came back and said the bows they have purchased before cost $7. i very politely told her if she could get good bows for cheaper, then to go for it. i hope i wasn't rude, but i can't just give them away. oh well...i tried!

Don't worry Sandy. When they purchase those $7 bows, you will be the one they come to to fix them. LOL! $11 is more than fair. At $10 it is quite a bargain. We put a lot of time and creative effort into our bows. It is only fair we get paid what they're worth. There will be programs who are willing to compensate you and happily.

Chin up on a great job!
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