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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by crystallynn View Post
Okay, so there are probably many things that I "COULD MAKE" if I sat down and really tried, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna go grabbing people's pics off their sites and posting them on my own. If I want to sell something, I will make it myself, take a pic, and list it myself. How does she know she can make it like that picture it took her 10 seconds to copy? I just take pleasure in the fact that her customers are probably going to get a rude awakening when they get that product in the mail and it isn't at all what they thought they were getting from that stolen picture. Sounds bad, yes, but man it just irks me what people will do to make a buck.

She started posting her own photos after being called far as her *knock off of mine ~ EPIC FAIL.
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