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Default Re: help with cheer bow


Thank you for your compliment on the bow. And...your tip for the sequin fabric - I'm def going to have to try that. It already sounds like it would be much easier that way. I can't wait to try it. I'm even going to try it on just one bow to see if I like it. Thanks again for the sequin fabric tip - I'll let you know how it works out


PS- if they DO like the bow...approx how much would you charge for it?

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
Sandy, I think your bow came out fabulous. Here is a trick in cutting out sequin that I have found to go alot quicker when making many bows at a time.

When making lots of the same bow, I iron my ribbons onto an uncut sheet of heat n bond first. Once are the ribbons are securely attached, I peel all of them away from the paper and iron to the wrong side of an uncut piece of sequin fabric. Once everything is nice and fused, I then cut out with a rotary cutter.

It goes a lot faster that way in my opinion. Don't give up. It takes longer to make one bow than it does when making many of the same one.

It will get easier I promise.

Nice job on the bow BTW. Love the colors.

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