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Default Re: Yah or Nah for these pics?

Originally Posted by kadynsmomma View Post
There is some color run off on the second one. Check the face by the flower - you can see the color of her face where it should be b&w. Just a quick PS fix. I would also tone down the sparklyness on her cheeks and lips as that is a dead give away for on board flash set-ups. I really like that one, though.

The first pic will not work because of the light which you already know. The third if cropped would work very well... is it large enough to crop? Definitely crop out her arm as it looks quite funny in that positioning.

Cute girls!
Thank you, but you are like talking some foreign language to I only do basic edits like cropping, auto adjusts, etc. I really need to learn, but have no time.

Actually, no it isn't big enough. When it is resized, it is all fuzzy. Guess I won't be able to use it either. These weren't really model pics - I was just hoping some of them would work. I now hope she can get more model type pics soon.
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