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Hi Ladies!
Thank you for sending me here Jill!!
Very sweet of you!
So happy you like my instructions! I will get your CD-Rom in the mail in the morning, and will also be sending you a few appliques/goodies for you to use on your bows! (that I can't wait to see BTW!

As for the "center fold" , are you talking about the "top layer bow"
if so, yes, In my instructions I try to be very detailed, I made a bow along with the instructions rather than just a few pics of the steps, I really didn't want to leave anyone in the dark or lost, kwim... So I make a bow along with you from start to finish.
As far as the "fold" for my top layer of the bow (if this is what you are talking about) I use the very same folding technique as I do for my bottom layer of the bow, only smaller size. :-)

Everything is easy step by step and I didn't leave any steps out to leave you wondering what is next, belive me I have been there and done all that!
That's how I came up with my own techniques! :-)

Hope that helps!!

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