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Default Re: What to make for a First Grade teacher, using Dr. Seuss ribbon

Originally Posted by avajo123 View Post
What about a lanyard? I think thats what they are called. You know , you see them wearing them and they hold their pens or nametags , etc?

Love this idea! Also, maybe what about a wrapped plastic headband. Since she has a daughter in 3rd grade I assume she's on the younger side (my dd is in 2nd grade) and as a teacher would probably be hip enough to wear that - the kids would probably get a kick out of a Dr. Seuss headband on their teacher! And, I would think her 3rd grade daughter wouldn't be too hold for a matching bow - I know my daughter would LOVE it - if you're not sure, though, maybe do a headband for her, too, or maybe a pony-o streamer. HTH!
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