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Default Re: Downloaded bottle cap images question

Originally Posted by dcsharpe View Post
Hello all. I am fairly new here but have been lurking for ages
My question is this.... I have tried to print out some of the free images offered here and I just can not get it right. I am afraid that the ones I have purchased are going to have the same problem. I know that the image needs to be at 300 dpi to print out clearly but when I go to print them from my Photoshop Elements 9 program, it says they are going to print at less than 220 dpi and if I go ahead and print them anyway, just to see, they are grainy. I have heard that your printer settings affect it as well. I have a Kodak printer and when I print regular pictures, they come out beautifully and look just like I had them professionally processed. I'm thinking I am downloading something wrong but in the searches I have made on it, there are options mentioned that Windows 7 is not giving me. I am missing something somewhere. Any suggestions?
I have just ordered a couple sheets and am hoping I haven't wasted my money through my own incompetence, lol! I haven't gotten the links to download them yet......

Just wanted to say that my downloaded images from two different Etsy sellers printed out beautifully! That is a relief!
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