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Default Re: Watermark. Does this look ok?

You have a point, I just feel like it would look awkward. I guess if a person wanted it that bad they would do whatever they could to remove the watermark.

Originally Posted by ginagal17 View Post
Ok, maybe I don't quite get the purpose of watermarking. Isn't it to prevent others from using your photo, or claiming your product as their own? If that is the case, with the current position of your mark, it would be easy to crop it out and have a well framed head and shoulder shot. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to put the mark on/under her chin or on/over the very top of her head, that way cropping the shot to cut out the watermark would make a very akward photo. I think you mark is fine and light enough that it wouldn't be too distracting, but still prevent others from using your photo as their own. Just my 2 cents.

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