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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

I'm curious, any reviews/comparisons on the various modeling companies? I have one of my girls with Gooma Models (and from a modeling perspective they are great! Very professional). And we are expected to give at least 5 or so pictures of each outfit, it sounds like some people have gotten hardly any pictures from some places?

My girls are on the outer edges of my clothing sizes, so I've thought about sending stuff out to model, to show my stuff in a variety of sizes, but haven't yet. Not sure whether to go with a modeling company, or contact photogs directly that I find on Etsy (that I see a lot and always have great quality)? Seems like contacting directly might be more plain and simple...but more risky?

Reading through some of this, it sounds like some people have had more problems than I would have imagined...taking forever to get pictures, horrible quality, etc. I'm pretty picky, but what can you do if the model's pictures are not in line with the comp card?
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