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Default Re: Need opinions on photos...

Thank you! I would never ask for opinions here and not expect brutally honest ones. That is one of the reasons I love y'all! At least now I know I am not totally crazy!

I am going to have my cousin's husband do some pictures for me, his mother was a photographer so he has grown up learning photography, and has won awards for his nature photography. He only takes photos with people in them on request of family and friends, but they are awesome.

I am kind of stuck with these though. The photographer is a friend of the owner of a store I have items in, and they are doing a cross promotion of the 3 of us. I will have to do the next session, 3 more little girls involved, so looking at the positive that is more mothers to see my product and hopefully become customers. I was messing with the pictures last night, and if I edit them I can make them better (not good, but better) so I will do what I can and get some better shots to make my primary ones.

Did anyone else notice in the Minnie petti that my daughter's hair is standing straight up? Ugh, I think that irks me more than about anything!

Again, thanks, and I promise, the first time I show up here expecting anything less than total honestly, feel free to snap me back to reality! I don't come here to be coddled, I am here because I want to be better, do better, and eventually be awesome!
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