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Default Re: Attaching ribbon around bottom of flip flops

I tried hot glue, and I have found (just in my experience) that hot glue doesn't work anywhere on flip flops. Within hours of being put on the glue on the straps pops off, hot glue around the edge of the shoe lasts longer, but will break free after 8-10 hours of wear, and even hot glueing ribbon to ribbon (as in adding a bow, or layering ribbon) breaks down if the flips get wet, yes my daughter wore them through a rain storm. I hate flip flops, we have been testing them extensively for the last month, and if I do them with all e6000 they hold, but I hate e6000, I want my glue gun!

Oh, I do line the straps with DRR as opposed to wrapping the straps, so that may make a difference. But with all the flips we have tested and made here, I would say if you really really want them to stay together and be worn, use e6000, and make sure you clamp the ends and let them dry for at least 48 hours. I do have a foam craft glue that we are going to test this week, I will let you know how that works out.

One other quick thought, when I am just doing bows on the toes I do use hot glue, but I use felt circles like when attaching flowers to headbands, and that holds well and is soft and not irritating to the foot.
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