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Default Re: Tell me what you think about my photography skills...

I agree about the image looking soft. The f/stop isn't near as important as your shutter speed. I try to never shoot below 125 if I don't have to (especially on a toddler) Grain is MUCH better than a soft image.

this doesn't look like you have camera shake/movement as much as it does that you missed the focus. Try focusing right on the corner of her eye. Your camera needs contrast to grab focus, and that's a great place.

Another tip, when the subject is angled towards you, focus on the closest eye.

I also agree about the background - I despise white, wrinkled sheets. If you want to shoot on white, I'd suggest investing in white tile board for your subject to sit on - anchors them to the floor instead of looking like a floating baby.

And you don't have to have backgrounds. Shoot wide open outdoors - create some bokeh, and have beautiful natural light images.
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