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Default Re: Need opinions on photos...

I'm going to be brutally honest here - I don't like them one bit.

1. The backgrounds are distracting
2. The tilts make me feel dizzy

3. I suspect that your daughter isn't normally glowing. (my monitor is calibrated and these are entirely too blown)
4. (what bothers me the most!!) The face shots have no catch lights.... the only time people don't have light in their eyes is after they are dead - which is why photographers refer to some people having dead eyes.
This is what eyes should look like (

The good news - your daughter & your product is adorable, so there is great potential.

The bad news - the photographer is awful and I wouldn't bother with another session. Unless she quickly gets a clue on how to operate her camera (correctly using her ss, fstop, lighting, and framing - ALL TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME) the next session will produce the same results.

and I'm not just being cruel, I base my opinion on the fact that I own a busy photography business (opened after a lot of class/study/practice)

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