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Default Re: Tell me what you think about my photography skills...

Originally Posted by mysweetbowtique View Post
I generally only shoot at a 2.8 so you must have just missed your focus point make sure you always have your focus point on the eye when you take the photo it still misses sometimes with autofocus and gets the headband but more often that not the face with be your focus point oh and make sure your shutter speed is fast enough that can really effect it as well i try to keep mine at 200.

as for the wrinkles make another layer then take a soft brush and place it over the color you are wanting to pick up on the photo press alt and click your mouse then you color it over the areas with wrinkles you probably want your opacity down to 60%ish if you get any on areas you dont want just take your eraser and clean it up! (not sure if that makes sense!!)
Hey girly! thanks for cleaning the background up. I was trying to find ways to remove the wrinkles on photoshop but didn't know where to start. lol What did you do to it, if you don't mind me asking. So the pic is a little soft? Do you think it could be sharper? At what f-stop do you usually shoot with? I think this one was at 4.5, any higher, i'd have to go up in iso and i get scared of it being too "noisy or grainy if i do that.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

yea it totally made sense! lol you meant for me to pretty much use the eyedropper tool to pick up the color right next to the wrinkle and soft brush it over the wrinkle at a lower opacity right? lol hope i got it right. Do you use any actions on your pics or do you just enhance colors when it comes to editing? I asked coz I know some photographers sometimes use actions like "a hint of honey" or something like that, i use some of coffeeshops actions but for this pic i just brightened it a bit. thank you! you're so kind to want to help.
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