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Default Re: Tell me what you think about my photography skills...

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
She is beautiful. If you ever want to trade product for pictures please let me know.
I'm not much help with the pictures. I take horrible ones.
I would love to! Problem is, I can't even get around to taking pics of her in my stuff. lol Once, I get my backdrops, I will probably start shooting some more. Would you like me to message you once i do?

Originally Posted by KorkerMom View Post
she is adorable!
I think the pic looks fine (excusing the backdrop thing)
I take lousy pics so maybe I am not much help!
lol, I'm sure your pics are not as bad as i use to take mine.

Originally Posted by masha1999 View Post
Now. see I like the first one much better. The hints of gray in the background work much better for me than the stark white does.

Have fun with it!
wow good to know too! i guess everyone has their preference. thanks!

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
I think it looks fine. Your daughter is so damn cute!!
Thank you! that makes me feel good as a mother. hehe

Originally Posted by Veronicascloset View Post
she's adorable! the pic is good and I agree with the background issue. Great job! you are gonna sell lots!
Thank you...I wished I was selling a lot right now. lol
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