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Default Re: Need opinions on photos...


- I don't like the photos with the vehicles in the background; ( I think they would look better in a lusher setting with greenery (park, garden).

- Your daughter doesn't seem to enjoy being photographed (turning away, frowning, moving, etc.). If the kid doesn't look like she is having fun, as a consumer I wouldn't buy the outfit. Her outfit should've been adjusted on the tutu pics; fluff the tutu, tuck the top. etc.

They appear to be candids instead of carefully thought out photographs. I also didn't care for the angles of the shots (back of model, headband embellishments on far side, etc.) because they don't show off the clothing as well. If they were taken with a high enough resolution, maybe cropping to emphasize what you want to sell might work.

On a positive note, my favorite photos are of the pink/green outfit the baby is wearing.

Hope that helps...not to be mean.
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