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Default Re: help with cheer bow

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
well i think i'm in over my head. the sample cheer bows i made a couple weeks ago were a hit, i guess. or maybe not. because now she wants me to make some "crazy" bow samples. i didn't know what a "crazy" bow is so i sent her the link to power bows and asked if some of the more elaborate bows were what she was talking about (it's my co-worker's sister, so we're very informal). so she says "yes" those are the type bows she wants. crazy patterns and decorations and such. in her school colors. navy, light blue and white. yeah, well great. i have some sequin material i special ordered but i can't find "crazy" patterned ribbon anywhere in those colors. any suggestions?

Hi Sandy! The bows that you are thinking about doing require practice and a template. I saw in another post that you were thinking about using fabric tape to bond sequin fabric to ribbon. I have never tried it but using heat n bond has it's advantages. HnB also seals the edges and helps to prevent fraying.

I will do what I can to help if you have any questions. If you could provide a pic of what you are looking to make or a link to the bow on the website, I will see if I can help you to figure it out.

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