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Default Re: Anyone heard of Whippy Cake?

I think her pricing points are right for the clientele she seems to be focusing on. She seems to be running it like a business, so her expenses will be more. Shoot, my business license alone in my city is about $200 for my online business.

I share a booth with someone and she has a habit of undercutting others because she is not running hers like a business (no business license, no resellers license, etc)... but she is finally starting to realize that because she doesn't charge for labor she's having to work harder for a small profit %. I like to tell her that I don't believe in working for nothing. We are pretty much going to stop sharing a booth and one of the reasons is because I like to charge appropriate prices for mine and I hate that are pricing doesn't match up.

I do have to say, that why her site looks very nice I don't really think its user friendly... I can't stand when there are no breadcrumbs, but that's just me.
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