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Default Re: Anyone heard of Whippy Cake?

Originally Posted by laurennicole630 View Post
@ronnie i completely agree that there are a lot of hidden costs that people do not think about.

i just think for me... because i'm just starting there's no way i could even get business if i charged that much. I have a hard enough time getting business when i charge $5 for a basic bow and headband...

i'd love to charge more but right now i'm just trying to get sales.

i think i really need to invest money into a better photographer like her and maybe that would help. I'm in love with her photos!

You can cut some of your costs by either not using bow cards or making blank cards and either printing a simple business name on there or have stickers printed with your business name. Keep your costs very low as you are starting out. Any sales you are making now should not even be considered a profit. Instead put all sales aside and use it to invest more into your business. Do it wisely though. The best thing you can do is learn how to make bows, headbands, and all other products to perfection. I do turn my nose when I see someone new to bowmaking charging an arm and a leg for a bow that does not come close to the quality of work I have seen out there.

The better the quality of work you produce the more you can make off of them. The most I charge for a bow is $30 and it really doesn't cost me much to make. I charge a lot for my items and the majority of my sales come from word of mouth. I had items in stores and I did not like that I would have to mass produce and work like a slave to sell for very little. Don't get me wrong I will give good discounts to customers.

I would rather make 10-15 bows and sell them for $30 than lose sleep and gain stress making 70 bows and selling them for $5/ea. The majority of my customers are people I know or my family knows. I am not out to make a killing. If I wanted to I guess I could. I just have another business to run and a family to care for.
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