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Default Re: Tell me what you think about my photography skills...

Originally Posted by NewMexicoGirl View Post
It's a great picture, color, positioning but I'm drawn to the wrinkles on the back ground. Can you post the raw image and I'll try to take them out?

or email lingnaualbq
unfortunately I didn't get to shoot this in be honest, I'm still confused if i should shoot with raw, some say jpeg is better some say raw. I could sent it to you if you still want to play with the background. I'd love to know what you do to remove the wrinkles.

Originally Posted by mysweetbowtique View Post
I agree it is almost there a little soft and the backround would be better even if you could photoshop or edit the wrinkles out a bit hope you dont mind i just did it super quick to show how it would look
Hey girly! thanks for cleaning the background up. I was trying to find ways to remove the wrinkles on photoshop but didn't know where to start. lol What did you do to it, if you don't mind me asking. So the pic is a little soft? Do you think it could be sharper? At what f-stop do you usually shoot with? I think this one was at 4.5, any higher, i'd have to go up in iso and i get scared of it being too "noisy or grainy if i do that.
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