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Default super fast/easy flat-backed tulle puff

I saw several threads on here about making tulle pom pom puffs, and have been playing around with them. I made a few, but they took so long to thread through the hole in the center, and they were so round that I could never really get a clippie on the back. I wasn't really happy with them.

So, I had a brainstorm while trying to fall asleep last night.
I cut my cardboard like this:

And basically follow the same instructions that I found on here (2 pieces of cardboard, string in the middle, knot, cut, trim).
I hold one side, and whip my strips up through and around in no time flat. I used 4 strips of 6-inch spool tulle that were about 26 inches long, left over from a tutu. The templates are just shy of 2 inches, and the puffs end up being abour 3-3.5 inches across when finished. I timed myself and they take about 3 and a half minutes each, if you don't have much trimming to do after you cut it.
From the top:

The flattish backside, which is easier to glue onto something.

My center circles aren't quite in the center, so my puffs ended up a little oblong, but I kinda like them that way.

Hope this makes someone's life easier!
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