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Default Re: What am I doing wrong?????

Originally Posted by smwallace4 View Post
I put my resin on with a plastic knife. I don't use a brush. I have also found that if I use anything less than premium printer photo paper that my image runs.

I print at home and I agree-premium paper makes all the difference. I tried 3-star paper once and all the edges ended up with that wet look. I use nothing but 4 star now. Also, I don't think painting it on is getting enough resin for it to cure properly. You should find a way to drop it on like the others have said. My DH has unlimited syringes from work and I use them without the needle. That way I know I am putting the same amount on every cap. I pour over 200 at a time and might have one or two run over the edge or get a bubble. HTH
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