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Default Re: Editable PDF Bottle Cap Sheets

OK, now I'm back to being confused . So there is a free version that lets you just edit text? I know from what I read that you should be able to edit text but it won't let you save the file. Just lets you edit it long enough to print it out.

I'm actually a photographer so I have the latest Photoshop stuff etc. Guess I was just going to try the PDF way for people if it was easier for them to edit. But if it takes them as much time as it does me to figure out how to use it I'm just going to stick with jpg or png files. Just thought if all the sellers are doing the PDF format that maybe that's the norm and I would lose sales if I didn't offer that.

Myself I would rather have a jpg so I could print them out at Costco, Wall mart etc.

Just had a little girl and finding it to be more cost efficient (and better for her) to stay at home then to go the day care route so trying to find things I can do on Etsy lol.
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