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Default Re: Can't figure out how to make these pretty flowers!!

Originally Posted by WhiteLilyJewelry View Post
I'm not saying 100% for sure, but I'm pretty positive she didn't make the flower, I've seen those for sale in a group buy and on a few wholesale site. I think they just added the rhinestones. HTH
Originally Posted by Fuschia View Post
I was going to say the same thing. If she made the flower, wow great for her!
But I see those flowers everywhere. Just do a search for tulle puffs. I believe that is what they are called.
I kind of thought about that ladies other wise I'd proabably see more of these around. the ones Ive seen all have the same gems on them.

Originally Posted by mommy_to_2 View Post
These look very similar. Can't wait to try this! Thanks ladies you are all so helpful! Well I'm back to making fabric rosettes! I'm having so much fun making them!
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