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Default Re: Print your own ribbon template

Originally Posted by slwleigh View Post
It might be though...I know it makes a big difference in the way my clothes what I mean. They are not all maybe gain has something in it that is different than Purex. Like I said last night..I tried to take the easy way out and skip the softener part and it smeared all over the we know the softener is the main ingredient to make it work. If I was you I would try Gain...if that does not work, maybe the type of printer ink makes a difference...idk It has to be one of those 2 things...because it worked for me on 5 different ribbons. I really hope you get it to work for looks so much better than the transfers. Please let us know if you get it work.
yeah im going to try Gain, not sure when though! it might also be the ink too im not sure, i use the right ink for my printer so i dont know what other ink my printer would be compatible with
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