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Originally Posted by gagirl50 View Post
You can buy most of your supplies on Group Buys - too expensive to pay retail at the craft stores. You can put the picture on the inside (remove the liner if it is in there) or on the outside. I use the pu exposy resin stickers on mine - it is so much easier and cheaper than dealing with the liquids - yu have to wait for each coat to dry - make sure there are no brush marks, etc. The stickers make them look the best.
I wonder if the resin stickers work only in certain climates because when I used them they did not work very well. I had a lot of trouble keeping them from coming apart. I know that the Colores doming resin you can stick in the oven and they are all done in a short time and that was what worked for me. I live in south Texas and the weather can be very hot/dry/humid.
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