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Originally Posted by hermanasalinas View Post
I have seen both regular and flattened on bows before but I only made my daughter one once with a regular one. I am not sure how it would work with a flattened one. I guess it is something to toy around with. Also if you are just using the bottlecaps for bows get them from they are cheap there. there is also a youtube video to show you how to take out the seal from them to adhere them better. Look up getting liner out of bottlecap on youtube. I got mine this time from a different place that had liners because I didnt want writing in my caps to make necklaces. I am having a hard time taking out the plastic liners inside of them. The williams brewing ones have their logo on the inside so you wont want them for necklaces in my opinion anyway. otherwise if you dont want to mess with liners contact unbrokendreamz on here... she has them in her facebook albums
That is where I get my bottle caps too. Great company to do business with.
Also you all can try using The Colores by Rio Grande as your clear resin. I love this stuff better than the 3D Crystal Laquer. It cuts your waiting time significantly. Here is the link to their doming resin:
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