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Default Re: Lighting for photo session at home

Hi veronica,

If you google light box, you will find many different sites that show you how to make them for really cheap. It's basically a box you put your products in and you use two lamp w/ day lightbulbs on both sides for lighting. That's what I use for my stuff. They also have a tut on here somewhere, try searching it here it might come up. I'd search it for you but I'm on my phone. =)

Originally Posted by vernrollyp View Post
Hello Ladies,
i am wondering if anyone can possbily provide me with tips to taking photos of my bows at home. Whether they be modeled or just alone, I am having difficulty setting up lighting concepts or ect to best light my items and photograph indoors. I always depend on natural light outdoors, but as the weather isn't permitting sometimes, i need to do this indoors and I just can't get lighting right? As I am just starting off, I am trying to take as best pics as I can with a digital point and shoot type camera, and I have tried aiming lamps at foam boards to bounce off light but it's just not working and I have issues with shadows. Somewhere here on the board I once saw someone's craft room, and there they had a little table with those reflectors and some sort of lighting set up around it and they had an official set up in their home for just that so I am trying to learn how to create something like this, but also the ability to expand the lighting/photo area for when being modeled. If anyone has any insight on this I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!


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