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Default Re: E6000 and bobby pins

I made some button bobby pins the other day and I used epoxy. I squirted a little on the back of the button, put the bobby pin on and set it on the counter to dry. Well, I waited ALL DAY for that stuff to dry! I had to keep putting the bobby pin back on because it kept sliding off, lol. I couldn't figure out what the problem was and why that stuff wouldn't dry. I was going to wear them on Sunday and was bummed out that they weren't getting dry. So I finally asked dh how long the epoxy usually takes to dry and he says about 5 minutes! I then asked him why it hadn't dried on my button and he says, well did you mix it up? What?! I got out a new set of pins and buttons, mixed up the epoxy and within 5 minutes my new hair pretties were ready to go I would definitely recommend epoxy, it's super strong and I didn't worry the buttons would fall off.
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