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Default Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you tried to sew a stitch in the tulle to gather it? I've been looking at tutorials on making dresses for my little girls and it seems as though when you gather the fabric, you can add more to your garment if that makes sense.

Sooooo, I would take the tulle from the bolt and figure out the length that you want. So if you want a 6 inch skirt, cut the length at 12 or 13 inches. I would sew a stitch to gather it, then try to add it to the elastic.

Far as the Zebra tutu, it looks like tulle off of the bolt and it seems as though she sewed ribbon at the end of the skirt. She said that she used four layers of tulle, but I don't recall if she mentioned how many yards, which would most likely make a difference.

Hope that helps you some.

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