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Default Re: Another question (pigtails)

Originally Posted by Aeonix View Post
My mom just told me she wants hairbows and shoe bows for 7 dresses. On top of the order for flip flops she just gave me.
Thankfully I have until June for the new order, so I have time to get anything that's missing.

I'm curious though, these are for my niece, and my mom prefers stacked bows, but wants one dress to have a pigtails set.She's given me creative license to do what I think goes best. My niece will be turning 2, and has fine hair, it's not super long so I don't want to overwhelm the pigtails.

I'm curious what bow you all would do in that situation? I was thinking small twisted boutique, I think stacked would make her hair disappear and she'd look like she was just wearing two bows with no hair.
You can try stacking two small tbb.
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