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Default Re: Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by rhess View Post
Not to come off as mean or anything, but what is the point of having a "how to make" on the board if all people are going to say is google it? I thought this board was about sharing ideas and helping each other out? I know that things get asked over and over and those I understand but I haven't really seen anything about this type of tutu...

I hadn't either that is why I suggested her to check out You Tube. I am not sure how you think I am not helping her. I tried helping her. I am a big fan of searching because honestly that is how I found most of the answers I have found. Yes, it does get tiresome to hear the same question asked over and over again but this is not the case on here. If you check I have helped a lot of people here and I have posted a STICKY with links to numerous places for great tutorials.

When I tell people to search/bing/google on here I mean it as a way to help them find what they are looking for it because I don't have the time that minute to search it for them. It is not meant to be is to kind of send them in the right direction should they not get the response they are looking for.

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