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Default Heat Seal in v cut with wider cut?

Hello Ladies!
I have read the tips on how to heat seal and cut a v angle at the ends or ribbon which I have been doing some time with my wood burning tool. However, I have been having to cut 1st with my scissors, and then heat sealing with the wood burning tool since I am unable to achieve the wider angle I would like with the metal ruler. I read to line up your metal ruler, and then use your wood burning tool to heat seal and cut at the same time the v cut. However, this is a rather narrow cut and I would like a wider angle and since the angle provided on the metal angle rulers don't go this wide, I don't know how to achieve this except for cutting it in the wide angle I need with scissors, and then word burner to seal the ends after being cut? If anyone can help me with this to help speed up my process when making bulk amounts it would be sooooo helpful please! Thank you!!!

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