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Default Re: Your review on this camera...........

I don't know what anyone else has said but here is my opinion because
I have had the Rebel xt, the Canon 30D, the Canon 40D and the Canon 50D and then the Rebel T2i and now the Rebel T1i.
When I was shooting professionally I like the 50D the best BUT that is because of pride and I felt that you don't shoot with a little camera professionally LOL
But when I stopped shooting professionally I sold it and bought the T2i which was the Rebel version of the 7D, It is a great great camera for half the price. But now I know the difference I have some shoots this summer with grads and I am going to be shooting with my Canon T1i and i know it will do what I want it to. So I hope this helped you, all I can say is don't get sucked up in the world of trying to keep up with others and spending alot of undue money, you can see my shooting style and with all my cameras I have done these.
all you can see is the splash page now LOL, well you can go to my blog but I don't think I have much on it.
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