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Default Re: monogramming for no sew items (who knows how?)

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
yes I am! Thank you I don't know where my mind was this morning but I wasn't coming up with the right words for some reason. I know that you probably need a cricute or something like that. Right? I'm then going to guess you buy the vinyl from etsy. Right? LOL
lol I know how that is... You know what you mean, but can't figure out how to say it! lol

But yes, you'd need a cricut or another vinyl cutter (there are some other ones out there, but the cricut is probably gonna be the cheapest, but I haven't researched it much, so IDK) and you'd need some vinyl. You can check ebay and etsy both for vinyl.

Here is a video on how it works
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