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Default Re: Your review on this camera...........

I just went to walmart .com and you can order the canon rebel xs at least my you can? The only real difference in the xs and the xsi is the pixel count. from 10.1 to 12.2 there is really NOTHING different with these 2 cameras. The camera sales people will tell you that you cant use the LCD screen to take pics with the XS but I will tell you as someone who owns it this is not true you can take pics with it. Canon fazes there cameras out all the time. Check Ebay even and craigslist. I know that samsclub sells the xs and the extra lens, bag, and sd card for 699.00 which is a really good deal and sometimes you can find this same deal for the T1i with lens and bag and card for about 899.00 . If your not doing anything but taking family pics and pics of your products you sell you really don't need the higher more expensive cameras unless you just like paying lots of money. And unless you really know Photography a full frame camera may be way more then you can handle.
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