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Default Re: Registering as a business?

Originally Posted by Laura612 View Post
I have to have a city license and mine costs me about $200 a year! Higher than anywhere else around here. I have the license in my personal name because its cheaper and that way I don't have to have to worry about changing the name if I change my business.

I then have my reseller's certificate that is used to collect and turn in my sales taxes.

I claim my income on a schedule C on my taxes. I make sure and keep my receipts and usually am not much in the black, if at all.
Woah, $200!? What city are you in? I live in SoCal too, but a small city, or I guess we're considered a town, and it's $55 dollars a year and $40 a year after that. If you make less that $1500/year you're not required to have a license.
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