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Default Re: Cheer Bow Question

Originally Posted by jessicasbowtique View Post
Thanks guys. Yes I checked out yellaribbons . I am drooling. OMG!!!! BTW I was told today I got it. Yay!!!!! I don't how many she'll need yet b/c they have to hold try outs first. She said though that they want 2 per girl. I guess they're doing piggies? If you guys don't mind. (If you don't wanna share I understand). What in the world is mystic fabric? I am mesmerized by it. I told the girl that at first I will not be able to make the real fancy ones and they are ok with that, but I really wanna try to make the really pretty bows.

Thanks guys
Mystique is a metallic type of spandex fabric. You can purchase it online at Joann's sells it as well, but in limited colors. It is about $13 per yard, but a little goes a very long way.

For the best instructions, I would highly recommend purchasing the NoBowNoGo instructions at $5.00. It comes complete with pictures.

Congrats on the order. I am sure you will do great. Don't forget to submit pics. I'd love to see what your finished product looks like

Good Luck!

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