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Default Re: singed flower napkin rings

you can also use the more sturdy cardboard tubes/rolls from aluminum foil. if you use the more flimsy ones (like paper towel cardboard) i usually cut one tube open and make it a bit smaller & glue the 2 together for more strength.

i've even latex polyurethaned the ribbon/fabric to make them spill/food stain resistant/more durable . . . since one t/giving some of them found their way into the gravy spills!

i've also used leftover pvc pipe.


edit . . . you can also make them cheaply with wire braided/wrapped around a spice jar (for uniformity) for a more elegant look . . . and also string a few beads onto the wire.

edit edit . . . and for kids you can staple the colorful foam into a napkin ring & then cover up the staple w/your doodah . . . lol - i could keep on going!

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