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Default Re: chalk mats - what is your backing fabric?

so judy--you have a material that you iron on any cotton fabric and it puts a vinyl coating on it? just making sure i read it right!!

where did you get the iron on vinyl at? i was going to use the oil cloth i had--but would rather use cute cottons

dumb question too--what is fusible webbing?

i also have another question about these (and since jenni and judy--yall are both soooo sweet w/ always offering help--i will ask )

how do you make a pocket for the chalk and earser? most of the ones i see on the internet are rolled up--so i never see the pocket!! if you dont want to reveal--understandable

what size do you make yours? i have 2 yards coming and want to get the most out of them--i am thinking the are 45" wide--so is 18 x 15 too small?
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