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Originally Posted by MoxieandPixie View Post
Ronnie, I found an old post where you showed pics (using a green ribbon). I think I'm bringing my ribbon together all wrong to form the figure 8. I bring it together like a "support ribbon", but it doesn't look that way in your pic. Maybe that's my problem!?
There are different ways to make a twisted bowtique. Everyone has their own way to doing it. The pics I took are of a way I used to do them before I could do them by hand. This was the only way I could do them for the longest time. In your pics I can't see any kind of tail. I am guessing they are hidden inside or something. Mine sticks out..even though it is a very short tail and is pressed up against the ribbon. I do make some of my bows with much longer tails but when I do the bows that are like in my profile picture that is the technique I use.
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