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Default Re: would you buy a DSLR

You might find good deals at pawn shops on DSLR's but one of the important things to know is that each camera brand has a number of "clicks" or accuations its good for. So it might have been used a lot and is near its end for that. I know DSLR's can be expensive, but unless youre deciding to buy one to really get into photography, or if its to get really good photographs for your products there are really good point and shoots that can take super quality shots that are much easier to use. DSLR's are more about the type of lenses you use. The kit lenses they come with are good for really basic things but beyond that you buy lenses and they are so expensive, trust! Todays point and shoot cameras are amazing and for the price without buying lenses are great. Please feel free to msg me to ask me questions if you like! Hope this helps
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