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Originally Posted by jhall52 View Post
When I do korkers I don't 'measure' my cuts. I count my spirals. My thinking is (here we go) if I wind my ribbon with the same tension and with consistency as far as how close I make each spiral on the rod (does that make sense?) then if I count how many spirals I want on a korker, then that's the measurement. Plus you have to use the same size dowel, of course! I personally don't like to stretch the spirals out once they're korked for measuring. They may spring back into shape (for the most part) but I make my spirals really tight and like to work with them that way. So if I cut each spiral (I prefer to use even numbers) on the 6th spiral, every spiral will be the same length. And yes, how long you cut the spiral will determine how big the korker is, but it may also mean you have to use more spirals per korker. I make 1/8" korkers and use 36 spirals cut on the 6th spiral, and it makes a 2" to 2-1/2" korker. I've attached a few pics of my korkers for you to see. In one pic I've got itty bitty korkers that are compared to a quarter. They're 1/8" ribbon on a 1/8" dowel, cut on the 5th spiral, with 25 spirals per korker.

those are the cutest little korkers and they are so full
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