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Default Re: How to add a flower onto this type of clip?

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
My aunt is a dog groomer. She sent me those clips, but the tiny version and asked me to put dog bows on that. She doesn't like the rubber bands bc they hurt the dogs. Anyway, what I did was sewed it on there with dental floss. I tied my knot and secured the thread to the mini korker. Then I looped it under the clips and sewed through the korker (on the bottom, not all the way up through). I did this a few times before tying off. Be sure not to sew it on TOO tight bc then the clip won't open That is what I did for her bows and they work great.
That would work! I wish I had a pic, they were so cute. I will try and see if I can do it. Thx!
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