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Originally Posted by mbland View Post
Thanks for that, I checked those also. I am such a visual learner, I have to be able to see the steps. Though I would like share with everyone the instructions for a "true" pinwheel bow. In the free instructions she is flipping a abbey bow upside down and finishing it off. I have played with this thing all morning. Anyways, a wonderful lady named DeDe made these up for me a long time ago, and she was so wonderful to share her knowledge with me whenever I needed it, so I thought I would pass it along. ~~mindy

Sorry about that it wouldn't let me attach my file, the file type is invalid for the upload. If anyone would like to have them, they are clear photos, step by step. Email me at
Hi Mindy,

Please forward the images to me: I think I can post them in your thread.

Does DeDe mind us sharing her pictures?


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