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Default Re: how to make perfect spikes?

LOL!!! sealing them folded like a V when you cut makes so much sense, I feel like, DUH!!!!


my husband has a 1,200.00$ heat knife he uses to cut fabric when he refurbishes cubicles, one day I was so frustrated I cannot get them perfect he got a piece of metal and bend it to a perfect V attached it to hes heat knife and started tring to cut Vs into ribbon and no luck so he gave up, the knife was too hot burning the ribbon. LOL

and this is the guy that finds a solution to everything, he will sit there and build things to make my life easier(workspaces,built in cabinets, functional toy bins etc..) I even have a gadget that is adjustable to make tutus(hard to explain) anyhow I can cut all my tulle in 1 min.
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